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Devin Hally

I play softball because I love the game. I have dedicated my life to that beloved fluorescent yellow sphere and never looked back. I love the interconnectedness of the game; being in the circle and not having to worry because I know my team has my back. I love the feeling I get the second I hit the field when all other worries vanish because the game is pure and untarnished by the chaos of the outside world. There is just you and the ball, the way it should and always will be.

2014-2015 Season

2013-2014 Season

Oregon Titans 16A
Oregon State 16A Champions
Regional Champions
Nationals 49 out 136 team
Junior - First Team All-League Pitcher

Jersey Number 33
Bats Right
Throws Right
Positions   P 1B
School Oregon City High School
Graduation Date 2015

Current SAT-1876, ACT-26