Annie Owen


I play softball because I love the sport! It’s intense, exciting, and fulfilling. It’s a sport where every play matters and a sport where there’s no time limit. I love that in one swing of the bat you can completely change the game or get a base hit that can end up being the hit that determines the entire game. There is no other sport like it. I love that you can fail 70% of the time yet still have a good day and be happy with yourself. I also love softball because you get to meet and play against some of the best players in the state and nation. I love the memories I have made in my all my years of softball and the connections I have through softball. As a softball player my goal is to play college ball, but my lifetime goal is to get a good education and have a successful career. Going to a college is like a sundae; getting an education is the most important part in making the sundae and playing softball is the toppings to make the sundae even better.


ASA Team: Oregon Blaze '94 Gold


ASA Team: Oregon Reign (16A)

16A Premier Nationals, Irvine CA

High School Team: Crescent Valley HS


ASA Team: Oregon Elite (16A)